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Ποιοι ειμαστε


Crete, in addition to being the largest island in Greece, could also be described as a purely mountainous island, a place that nature has patiently sculpted through its processes to become today the ideal destination for outdoor activities, not only in the mountains but in the sea too, in fact many times, even on the same day. The rapid development of outdoor recreational activities and the evolution of the Mountain Leaders' profession, created the need to bring together people who decided to make their passion for the mountain a profession and make a living from what they love: Nature in the most sustainable way possible.

The Mountain Leaders Association of Crete was founded in 2023 with headquarters in Rethymnon and represents Mountain Leaders throughout the island.  


The purpose of the Association based on its constitution is,

  • The rallying of all those who are professionally engaged in outdoor leisure activities, resulting from the title Mountain Leader, in joint actions around the protection and promotion of the professional, work and financial interests of Mountain Leaders and the development of relations of solidarity between them.

  • The safety of the professionals in the field as well as the public/customers participating in these activities.

  • The promotion and information of the wider society regarding the characteristics of alternative mountain tourism, but also the economic and social prospects of the object.

  • The compliance of the members with the national and international professional standards of the sector.

  • The preservation and protection of natural and cultural wealth.

  • The lifelong education of its members.


Mountains Leaders practice their profession in mountainous zones, in specific mountain areas or also in areas of natural interest, including regional and provincial national parks and other forms of protected areas. They practice their profession as a main job or secondary, full-time, part-time or seasonal, in dry areas and/or snow covered terrain, with vegetation (forested) or without (alpine). They also practice their expertise where the possibility of climbing or crossing the terrain requires mountaineering materials and techniques, in rocky zones or passages of intermittent difficulty and of low exposure and danger (up to level III UIAA). Finally, they are trained to lead in winter conditions that require the use of technical means such as e.g. snowshoes on a terrain gradient of up to 30 degrees.

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BOARD 2023-2025

Christoforos Baladimas, President

Baladimas Christoforos


Giorgos Prinarakis, Vice President

Prinarakis Giorgos

Vice president

Sophia Chapman, General Secretary

Chapman Sophia Rebecca

G. Secretary

Stefania Papadaki, Treasurer

Papadaki Stefania


Panagiotis Koytsioubas, Member of the board

Koutsioumpas Panagiotis


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