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Mountain Leaders Association of Crete


The following have the right to register:

1. All holders of Vocational Training Diploma Initial Vocational Training (I.E.K.) Level 5. Specialty of I.E.K MOUNTAIN LEADER...


News and announcements from the  association 


Association members 


The Mountain Leaders Association of Crete was founded in 2023 with headquarters in Rethymno and represents Mountain Escorts throughout the island.  


The purpose of the association based on its statute is,

  •  The rallying of all those professionally engaged in outdoor recreational activities, resulting from the Mountain Leaders title, in joint actions around the protection and promotion of the professional, work and financial interests of Mountain Leaders and the development relations of solidarity between them.

  • The safety   of the professionals in the field as well as the public/customers participating in these activities.

  •  The promotion and information of the wider society regarding the characteristics of alternative mountain tourism, but also the economic and social perspectives of the object.

  • The compliance of the members with the national and international professional standards of the sector.

  • The preservation and protection of natural and cultural wealth.

  •  The lifelong education of its members.

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